Heat treatment

Heat Treatment

TRATAR S.A.S has the capacity to offer you any type of heat treatment, which can be applied to a great variety of steels and nonferrous metals, such that you in our company can find the solution to all your needs.

Our plants dispose of equipment for fluidized beds and controlled atmospheres, connected to PCL systems and computers that assure a strict control of all the parameters that intervene in the processes, such as atmosphere composition, temperature, gas flow, applied electric power, and holding time.

Heat treatment

Continuous: Tempered-Annealing-Normalized Relay-Tensions-Tempering. Isothermal: Martempering-Austempering.

Thermo-chemical treatments

Carbon restoration, carburizing, pulsed plasma nitriding and nitrocarburizing, salt bath Nitriding, austenitic Carbonitriding.

Ion or plasma nitriding

TRATAR S.A. has implemented a new 100% environmentally friendly process that gives a hard surface layer which is highly wear and corrosion resistant and has a low friction coefficient. With our new NitrEos tandem System we can plasma Nitride and plasma Nitrocarburize parts according to the application.


  • Virtually zero deformation preventing further grinding processes.
  • Increases resistance to fatigue of mechanical elements.
  • Replaces the carburizing process for low load applications.
  • Our plasma Nitrocarburizing + post oxidation process completely replaces hard chrome deposits in many applications.
  • Capacities up to 700 mm in diameter and 1500 mm in length.
  • Stainless steel can be processed, including the 300 series, giving good wear resistance.
  • Allows a strict process control to adjust the metallurgical results and the application material.
  • 100% environmental friendly as it is a vacuum process which completely replaces the cyanide salts nitrocarburizing process called