All our knowledge applied in tangible solutions to satisfy your needs. We develop different parts for the general industry, combining the material selection, manufacturing process, heat treatment, and process for surface finish with the aim to deliver the best solution for our clients.

Our industrial supply line has 3 subdivisions as so:


Our tools division is well known for its knives and blades production in general. Our clients base consists of important companies in the industries such as food and beverage, paper and cardboard, leather, plastic, metal mechanic and many other industries that have trusted the manufacturing of their working tools to us.

Machinery parts

Our machinery parts division offers efficient solutions through the manufacturing of spare parts for our clients machinery. Our engineering team designs and fabricates mechanical pieces that comply with the highest quality standards to fit our clients needs and are specialized for a specific application.


Our foundry division has superbly engineered equipment that has implemented a unique foundry process, wear resistant and impact resistant which, added to the adequate heat treatment, offers practical solutions that is overwhelming to the abrasion problem in the industry.