Research and Development

Research and Development 

To satisfy the requirements of our clients it is fundamental to continue to strengthen our work culture. This created the need of implementing laboratory services with the necessary equipment and materials, in which the knowledge and experience of our company is made available to realize quality control analysis, failure analysis, and to identify our customers’ needs in terms of materials for specific applications.

For this reason, TRATAR S.A.S. has invested in the acquisition of a new laboratory with equipment that will offer the national industry the possibility to perform the following tests:

Failure Analysis

Failure analysis of parts in operation in our laboratories.


Rockwell measurement scales: HRc, HRB , HRA, HR15N , HR30N , HR45N , HR15T , HR30T , HR45T , HB / 62.5, HB / 127, HB / 250, under the ASTM E18 standard.


Measurement of surface coatings modified by thermal chemicals processes modified by optical microscopy. Preparation of samples and alloy attacks for micrography under ASTM standards.

Chemical composition of steel

Chemical composition analysis of steels by Broadcast optical spectrometry (ICP-OES).


The execution of tests and mircrohardness profiles Hv10, Hv25, Hv50, Hv100, Hv200, Hv500, Hv1000 Vickers scale. Under the ASTM E384 standard. Register and analysis under specialized software.

Coating thickness meter

Thickness Measurement of coating layer by plating coulometric method, under ASTM B504.

Salt chamber

Tests to measure corrosion resistance under the ASTM B-117.