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In 1965, ASTECO S.A., Association Technical Industrial and Commercial S.A., distributor of Swedish steels in Medellin finds itself in need of importing a furnace for quenching of steel in cyanide salts and a tempering furnace, with which the supply of heat treatment services starts.
Between 1968 and 1976, new and diverse equipment is acquired due to the acceptance of the heat treatments and the growing demand on its services. In 1976 the first major expansion of the plant is programmed, acquiring a space of 700 m2 to install a complete line of furnaces from Spain for heat treatment in controlled atmosphere.

By 1983, the company acquires a market position requiring the plant to operate 24 hours per day, seven days a week; a time at which it is decided to form an independent company dedicated exclusively to the heat treatment activities:


In 1985, Tratar decides to venture manufacturing of cutting blades, mainly for the paper and cardboard industries, achieving great success in the sales of these tools.

After this transformation, the services of the company acquires an accelerated growth demanding new expansions of the facilities and improved and specialized equipment. For this reason, in 1989, the plant in Medellin is expanded and a new plant is constructed in the city of Bogotá, both being catalogued as the most modern in Latin America.

In 2004, the plant in Bogotá begins offering galvanic treatments, and the same year this plant receives the national award for the technological business innovation from the ministry of industrial commerce and tourism. In 2009, Tratar starts operations in Lima, Peru, with a new heat treatment plant completely designed and manufactured in Colombia, solving thereby many deficiencies in the heat treatment services to which Peru previously was submitted.

In 2010, Tratar starts to provide plasma nitriding services through an equipment completely designed and manufactured in Colombia, developed with the support of Colciencias (Administrative Department of Science, Technology, and Innovation of Colombia), who in this project witnessed great business innovation.

In 2012, the company ION HEAT is founded with headquarters in Rionegro, Antioquia. ION HEAT is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of high technological equipment for thermal processing, its first product being plasma nitriding systems currently offered worldwide.


We develop and provide innovative engineering solutions for the industry; based on our knowledge within metallurgy and technologies applied to processes and manufacturing of parts and equipment. Our business lines are:

Our business lines are:
•    Heat treatment services
•    Manufacturing of parts and tools for machinery.
•    Research and development
•   Design and manufacture of equipment for thermal processing and surface engineering.


By the year 2020, Tratar will be among the five largest companies that offer heat treatment services in Latin America. The company will be acknowledged as a leader in providing solutions in the manufacture of metal mechanical components for the Colombian industry. Its research and development services for the industry will attain the same level as university research centers.


RESPECT:  Because by appreciating diversity and valuing different ways of thinking, we can build opportunities for a better future together.
RESPONSIBILITY:: Because by being responsible with our workers, with the customer and with society, we can generate true development around us.
INNOVATION:: Because in us, customers will always find a team willing to deliver concrete solutions for his business to develop.
LOVE FOR KNOWLEDGE: Because it is knowledge and experience that allow us to guarantee the customer that everything will turn out as expected.
COMMITMENT TO THE CLIENT: Because we dispose of the certainty to tell our clients that we will be there the moment they need us, no matter the situation.
TRANSPARENCY: Because by always being honest with ourselves and with others, we can achieve to establish durable relationships.


  • National Award for Business Technological Innovation 1995
  • Colombian Prize for Business Technological Innovation – Innova 2004
  • 1st place category Medium Business Innovation – Innova 2011 VII



Our plant in Medellin has offered heat treatment services to the national industry since 1983. In our plant we dispose of equipment with the latest technology, which combined with the vast experience make TRATAR S.A.S. the best option in the market for realizing heat treatment processes and for the design and fabrication of mechanical parts for the industry in general. In the same manner, we dispose of great installations for machining, milling, and sharpening through which we can offer optimal quality in the work carried out for our customers.

Location: Calle 29C No 53-23
PBX: +57 (4) 265 8382
E-mail: tratar@tratar.com.co


Our plant in Bogotá, located close to the international airport El Dorado, started offering its services to the industry in 1998. The installations and equipment of latest generation has turned this plant into one of the most modern heat treatment plants in Latin America. Several types of furnaces and processes of the highest technology that aims at satisfying the needs of the clients are found here. Our plant is completely automated, allowing a strict control of the processes and an unmatchable accuracy and quality of work. Here, we also dispose of the most modern laboratory of the country for hardness measurement, in which we carry out quality control and failure analysis of mechanical parts for our customers.

Location: Calle 22A No 132-72 Bodega 9
PBX: +57 (1) 746 0971
E-mail: tratar@tratar.com.co


For the convenience of our customers in the west part of the country, TRATAR S.A.S. opened a heat treatment plant in Cali, which gathers all experience acquired throughout the years of service in Medellin and Bogotá. In this plant, processes of quenching, tempering, and stress relief are carried out, serving as a complement in the productive chain of clients and complementing the services of the other plants in the country.

Location: Cr 38 No 9-60
Urbanización ACOPI-YUMBO
Tel: +57 (2) 652 3075

E-mail: augustoarbelaez@tratar.com.co


In May 2009, our heat treatment plant in the city of Lima, Perú, started operating. In this plant all technology and experience of TRATAR S.A.S. in heat treatment services of steel was capitalized. The equipment of this plant is composed of technology with non-contaminating controlled atmospheres, replacing the cyanide salt baths. All processes are controlled by PLC equipment completely automated to guarantee an impeccable accuracy and repeatability of the results. The plant also disposes of the only plasma nitriding system in Perú.

Location: Avenida Elmer Faucett 3430
Urbanización Industrial Bocanegra-Callao
Tel: +51 (1) 575 6000