Kanthal Representative in Latinamerica


Kanthal is the world leader in providing a complete portfolio of heating elements and modular heating systems for high temperature applications ranging from medical to renewable energy.

We are authorized Kanthal distributors for Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Uruguay and Peru.

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Our product range of metallic, silicon carbide and molybdenum disilicide elements cover low temperature applications, e.g. appliance products to 1950°C. We also produce the world’s highest temperature electric gas heater and have developed a range of high temperature construction materials including furnace rollers and kiln furniture.

Heating modules

Prefabricated heating modules with electric heating elements and fiber or dense ceramic insulation.

Air heating cassettes

Cassettes with metallic heating elements for heating of air or gases.

Diffusion cassettes

Diffusion cassettes for the production of crystalline silicon wafers for solar cells and semiconductors.

Furnace tubes

Extruded tubes made from Kanthal FeCrAl alloys for gas-heated or electrically heated furnaces.

Resistance heating wire and resistance wire

Resistance heating wire and resistance wire for a variety of heat generating and electronic applications.

Furnace rollers

Furnace rollers for heat treatment furnaces.

Technical ceramics

Ceramic supporting materials for electrothermal components.

Thermocouple wire and strip

Wire, ribbon and strip for thermocouples, extension leads and compensating cables.

Ceramic engineering material

Ceramic engineering material for high-temperature and chemical environments.

Electric heating systems

Electric heating systems for aluminium and steel production.

Heating elements

Metallic heating elements, MoSi2 heating elements and SiC heating elements.

Flow Heaters

Flow heaters with a unique design and electrical heating system.


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