Electric heating systems

Electric heating systems

Kanthal® electric heating systems for applications such as aluminium and steel processing deliver significant reductions in energy consumption compared to gas-heated systems. In fact, the net efficiency of Kanthal® electric heating systems is 70%, compared with only 20% for gas. The design of the system allows the radiation to be more accurately directed towards the target area – a highly efficient heating method.

Using electric heating also reduces CO2 emissions – a step in minimizing the environmental impact. Furthermore, a cleaner, safer and quieter environment is achieved, making it a much healthier place for the operators.

Complete installations

Kanthal® electric heating systems comprise the following parts:

  • Heating elements located in a reflector casing
  • Control and regulation equipment
  • Commissioning
  • Technical services provided by our heating experts

Systems for many areas

Below you find examples of electric heating systems for specific process steps in primary aluminium and steel production. We also provide systems for areas such as glass production and for R&D purposes.


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