Technical ceramics

Technical ceramics

Ceramic supporting materials for electric elements and furnaces in a variety of forms. The Kanthal® program of technical ceramics include three different types of ceramics, all manufactured using raw materials of the highest quality and not containing conductive ingredients.

Product forms available are, for example:

  • Supporting plates
  • Hooks
  • Discs for radiant tubes
  • Beds
  • Insulators and plugs

All Kanthal® technical ceramics are characterized by:

  • Good mechanical strength. Kanthal® technical ceramics uses alumina and refractory presintered clays which, when combined with basic clays, form a dense structure.
  • High electrical resistance. Kanthal® technical ceramics uses clay with low iron oxide and alkaline content to improve electrical resistance
  • Good thermal shock resistance. This is obtained by achieving the right level of porosity or, in certain cases, by the addition of magnesium oxide.

Kanthal® types of technical ceramics

Aluminosilicates (Kanthal® code A42P)

Materials for temperatures up to 1100-1200°C (2010-2190°F) with good thermal shock resistance. Alumina content of less than 50%.

Aluminous (Kanthal® codes A60P, A50C, A73E, A80E)

Materials for up to about 1300°C (2370°F) with fairly good thermal shock resistance and excellent dielectric properties. Alumina content of more than 50%.

Cordierites (Kanthal® code A38E)

Materials with added magnesium oxide for up to about 1100°C (2010°F) with excellent mechanical and thermal shock resistance.

Health and safety

Kanthal® ceramic materials do not contain substances dangerous to health or create them during use. They are produced using inert natural raw materials, and any organic binders used are burned during firing.

During final processing such as cutting or drilling, inert dust may be created. In these cases, workers must be provided with suitable protective equipment to prevent inhalation.


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